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Industrial Glass Floor Installation

Now days glass floor is very common to us. Bear Glass would be the reliable choice for glass floors installation. Bear Glass is the best installer for industrial glass floor in this country.

  • Want to install a glass office floor?
  • Do you want to replace your broken office floor tile?
  • Looking for the best glass installer in U.S.A.?

All of your questions have only one answer, and that is Bear Glass. We offer the quality service for your commercial glass floor installation and also we give support after installation.

If you want to install glass floor

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glass floor installation

Best Commercial Glass Floor Installation In U.S.A.

Get the quick and quality installation service in U.S.A. We give the best customer service all over in this country.


Glass for floor panels can be used to create a transparent floor cladding which allows light to enter the area below. So if you wish to replace your old floor tiles and want to install glass tiles then come to us. We are always ready to solve your problems.


Glass used for floor must be necessarily laminated or toughened to withstand load and to provide residual safety in the event of breakage. The glass floor should have an anti-slip top surface to provide slip resistance value when wet or dry.


We provide our service at 24 hours in 7 days. We give the best glass floor installation as well as replacement service at a reasonable cost. We offer a minimum glass floor tiles replacement cost.We are available in NY, NJ, Brooklyn, Queens and all over the U.S.A.

Our specialty in

Once the aesthetic details are determined, our installers gather accurate measurements of the area. It is important your large wall mirror be precisely measured.


Precision measurement


Quality and quick service


Minimum service4 charge


Over 20 years experience

For Support Call : +1 (347) 482-2034

Besides installation we do everything in glass & mirror